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ϰDϰ Decapper

  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Reliable
  • Decaps in 8 seconds
  • Works with Ziath tubes and others including Micronic, Matrix & FCR (FluidX)
  • Best value on the market

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DataPaq™ High Speed Single Rack Scanner
  • Fast, small and compact
  • Cryoprotection™ option for <-80°C tubes
  • Scans all 2D datamatrix tubes, including REMP
  • Essential tool for sample management and sample tracking

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DataPaq™ Multirack Scanner
  • Option to scan SBS and cryoracks (at the same time)
  • >5 seconds image capture time (per rack)
  • >Interchangeable masks for user-defined rack configuration
  • Scans all 2D datamatrix tubes
  • Essential tool for sample management and sample tracking

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DataPaq™ Express Rack Reader
  • Smallest rack scanner on the market
  • Footprint ideal for integration
  • Rapid imaging
  • Fast 1 second image capture time
  • Scans all 2D datamatrix tubes
  • Essential tool for sample management and sample tracking

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CryzoTraq™ 2D Barcoded Cryogenic Vials
  • Internally or externally threaded caps
  • 2D barcode on base of tube
  • Linear barcode and human readable code printed on side
  • Innovative 2-stage injection moulding of cap produces a leak-free seal
  • Available in 2ml or 5ml volumes

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TraceTraq™ 2D Barcoded Sample Tubes
  • Manufactured under ISO 8 clean room conditions
  • 2D barcode is an integral part of the tube
  • Stable down to -196°C or vapour phase liquid nitrogen
  • Sterile or non-sterile
  • Automation compatible

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Basic BioBanking Box: 2D Barcoded Tube Start-Up Kit

Everything you need to start a sample management library. The essential start-up kit for any sample library manager.

Kit includes

  • Samples Quick: Sample Management Software
  • DataPaq™ Single Tube 2D Barcode Scanner with Cryoprotection™
  • Pack of CryzoTraq™ 2D Barocded Cryogenic Vials
  • Pack of CryzoTraq™ Cryogenic Boxes

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Samples Quick

Samples Quick: Sample Management Simplicity

Samples Quick: introducing sample management simplicity

TraceTraq™ 2D Barcoded
Sample Storage Tubes

TraceTraq™ 2D Barcoded Sample Storage Tubes

New to our product range: 2D barcoded sample storage tubes

TraceTraq™ 2D barcoded sample storage tubes

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Customer Quote

"We have used the scanners to check our whole compound library and the anti-condensation coating meant that we could take plates straight from the freezer to the scanner without any problems."

Jenifer Borgognoni, Vernalis plc

Ziath: Our Expertise and Support Come as Standard

2D barcoded (datamatrix) tubes are used widely for biobanking and compound management. As the number of samples being stored in these sample libraries are considerable, the fast decoding of a single tube, a rack or multiple racks of tubes is important. All the Ziath 2D datamatrix barcode scanners have a fast decode time with intuitive software.

  • Ziath scanners have fast decode time and intuitive software
  • Compatible with all major manufacturers of 2D datamatrix tubes
  • Work with 24, 48, 96 and 384-well format racks
  • Work with cryo tubes (Thermo, Matrix, Nunc, ABgene, Micronic, REMP and Greiner)
  • Export decoded data into existing management systems
  • Ziath's Cryoprotection™ eliminates the occurrence of condensation, ensuring uninterrupted scanning

Whether you are new to barcoded sample tracking, or are an expert, you can rely on Ziath to design, manufacture and support your barcoding needs - today and tomorrow.

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